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June 30 - July 31, 2009




I am using PAUSE as the search engine to orchestrate a visual of myself. The word sits somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. It has not only enhanced my quiet time but has sharpen my visual awareness. PAUSE comes with a built in legend not only can you see it you also feel it.

For the last twenty years my life has been sandwiched between professor and artist. Imagine the difference? Is their difference? This is what this body of work addresses. Boundaries and tempos plus cadence and the time needed to make the connection. PAUSE is the aperture I use to include but not to define. Is this possible?

CLEMENTE HAS DESCRIBED HIS WORK in terms of the concept of the ideogram, a slipstream between language and image:

I have an idea of a kind of circuit of what I want to do. It seems that the ideogram-when the Chinese have to say “ chair they don’t say chair. The ideogram doesn’t depict a chair, but depicts a ...maybe the bamboo. I mean the bamboo in the morning is taken to become the chair somehow. What they look for is the situation of what they want to depict. And they find out a kind of analogical train of things which is going on, and they depict one of those things. Nobody really knows why choose that one and not another one...”

Ronn Davis, 2010


Smoke, 1995, mixed media, 69 x 24 x 18"

Show bizz
Show Bizz, 2010, acrylic on vinyl, 24 x 24” 

Toby, 1989, acrylic on panel, 38 x 34"

Fly….By, 2000, mixed media, 27 x 14”

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire, 2008, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24”



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