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Summers End

October 12 – November 12, 2011


Summers end and new seasons begin. This is the theme of my recent collaged prints. The creative process of this work includes both destruction and recreation as existing woodcuts and linoleum prints are torn, cut and layered into new compositions. This method involves risking failure, with both the confidence and hope of success and the courage to abandon the idea, start over or make accommodations if the new creation is unsuccessful. 

Like the randomness of life, unexpected relationships and patterns are gained as the fragments of the former prints unite in new combinations. Cutting into the layers reveals that which is under the surface, allowing pieces of the past to peek through the holes and openings.

 Although nature is the dominant objective reference, the use of encephalographic paper revealing seizures provides the elements of danger and disruption. Reproductions of sculpture introduce motifs of art emerging from art, and also life cycles in a humanist pastiche. 

Summers end, new seasons are set in motion. All endings foreshadow the beginning of new creations.

Sara Wylie Walsh  2011


Spring,  2010
2010, Collaged Prints, 30 x 20"


Orbital Heat
Orbital Heat,  2010,  Mixed Media Collage 16x12"


Blue Weaver
Blue Weaver, 2011,  Collaged Prints, 24 x 20"

Autumn Rust
Autumn Rust, 2011, Mixed Media Collage, 20x16"

Summers End, 2011, Collaged Prints, 24x18"


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